Impacts of Tunnelling

Impacts of tunnelling


The current design shows the trajectory of the tunnel going underground beneath Hope St, Kempbridge Ave and Brook Rd, including Seaforth Public School (junior campus) at a depth of between 15 and 20m. The trajectory continues under Seaforth residents to Seaforth Bluff, then to Northbridge.


The government has told residents that the impact of tunnelling under their houses will take roughly 2 weeks to pass, and will sound and feel similar to a refrigerator running.


However the lived experience of residents at a similar site in Carrington St, North Strathfield is very different. Many residents there have suffered severe cracking in their homes from tunnelling 40 metres below them, and are having difficulties ensuring contractors and the government accept responsibility for extensive repairs(1).


Additionally, last-minute changes to the depth of tunnelling well after the final design have been announced for residents of Leichhardt and nearby suburbs; depths understood to be 40 metres below homes are now up to 20 metres shallower(2).

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2) ‘Closer to homes’: Sydney residents shocked as WestConnex tunnel depths shrink