Access Road and Rat-runs

Access Road on Balgowlah Golf Course


An access road is planned for the full length of Balgowlah Golf course, requiring a new traffic light to be installed in the middle of Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation. Many in the community have questioned this design – both the waste of valuable green space, and the resulting traffic flow from a multi-lane tunnel ending in a traffic light.


The government have suggested that sports fields could be installed after construction, but flat space is limited at the site, and sports fields would be located within 100m of the 8-10 storey exhaust stack. Even if the design is changed and the access road removed, the golf course is still planned as the location for the exhaust stack and full construction site.


The community is concerned with the overall loss of green space, in a region that is already flagged as having insufficient community green space. As it is public land, the golf course is not just used by golfers; it has a popular shared walkway/cycleway alongside the course, and the course itself is used by many residents for exercising their dogs or walking on a daily basis.


Changes to traffic and rat-runs – impacting surrounding suburbs of Manly Vale, Fairlight and Manly


Rat-runs around the Balgowlah tunnel entrance are expected to be extensive, even more than in residential streets currently. Traffic is expected to divert from Sydney Rd to Condamine St, Balgowlah Rd, Kenneth Rd and other streets in this region trying to access the quickest entrance to the tunnel.


Equally, traffic will divert to these same streets trying to avoid the tunnel, as Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation is planned to have just a single lane available for vehicles to travel to Mosman or beyond without paying the toll.


The intersections at Condamine St and Kenneth Rd, Manly Vale currently experience congestion and long delays regularly. The tunnel would significantly increase traffic through this area as it is one of the main “feeder” roads – just pushing delays and traffic snarls further up the peninsula.